A coaching tool for coaches and players

to coach

With Avgar Pro, acquire and nurture clients using an elegant app.

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Avgar Pro features

Quick and simple booking

Flexible bookings. Advanced features. Customer-friendly system.

Personalized lesson content

Give your clients tailored content. They can play back their lesson on any device, any time they like.

Performance analysis

UVIEW is a complete video analysis tool embedded within Avgar Pro.

Automated invoicing

Easy reconciliation.
Saves you time.

Detailed client management

A comprehensive record of each client's progress from "Green to Tee."

Choose a plan that's right for you

Avgar Pro is designed for iPad



NZD per month. Billed monthly.

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NZD per year.
Billed annually.

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With iPad Pro


NZD per month* Billed monthly.

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